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A world where our next generation – the student community breaks out of challenges and difficulties and leads fulfilling, rewarding lives, contributing positively to their community and the world around them.


JKScientists strengthens the community by diffusion of knowledge, imparting skills, and creating new opportunities by transforming the pedagogy in the field of science with innovative methods of teaching, scientific and career outreach from school to university level, and bringing in the culture of tech start-ups which collectively will lead to the growth of skilled workers and prepares them to deliver their best locally and globally.


Passion: Passionate about serving our community
Integrity: Adhering to an ethical code of conduct in all actions that we do
Respect: Upholding the dignity of each individual
Commitment: Fulfilling social responsibilities
Inclusiveness: Don’t discriminate based on gender, caste, creed, and religion Gender sensitivity: Unbiased towards any gender
Excellence: Setting high-performance standards to mentor and guide our student community.
Innovation: Embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change