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SPECTRUM-Science for Tomorrow, primarily a JOURNAL CLUB for the students and run by students, is a JKScientists initiative. Spectrum is a scientific niche for aspiring researchers and scientists to come together, learn about, and discuss science. Presenting scientific literature, scientific writing, active discussions, and critical thinking highlights the Spectrum program. Currently, there are multiple subject-specific groups, including Physics, Chemistry, Life Science (Biology), and Humanities. Each group is led by experienced and determined instructors, most of whom are research students themselves. The biweekly sessions at each group do not only include discussing scientific literature, but the instructors actively take part in enhancing the academic skills of the students. The instructors also actively mentor and guide the participants to improve their soft skills. Spectrum is a great opportunity for students to learn from researchers and align their careers on a similar path. Spectrum aims to help the students learn how to present research work, interpret experimental outcomes, design a scientific hypothesis, and

implement that in their studies/research. It provides a great opportunity to get to know more people in the field and network. Most of the participants at Spectrum are undergraduate and postgraduate students, and acquiring analytical thinking early on in their academic careers gives them a headstart in various competitive exams and interviews like JAM/TIFR/CSIR/GATE. JKScientists Spectrum team welcomes all curious and enthusiastic students to join Spectrum and experience learning and progress. The Spectrum team can be contacted at