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(Support Program for Research Outreach and Upskill Technology) - A Mentorship Program by JK Scientists.

A Mentorship Program by JKScientists

SPROUT is a mentorship program aimed at helping, guiding, advising, and leading the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to realize their aspirations. SPROUT aims to empower youth and deliver the means to acquire academic excellence. Our goal includes understanding the basics of research, enhancing soft skills, and overall personality development of our mentees. We envision empowering the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to take responsibility for Human Resource Development by acquiring academic excellence in Scientific Knowledge and harnessing it as the means of Sustainable Economic Growth. We do this through strengthening the community by diffusion of knowledge, imparting skills, creating new opportunities for the upcoming generations, and bringing in the culture of innovations. Our goal is to inculcate the value of life skills to students and help them to reach their academic goals by hand holding them at various stages through vigorous training. The mentorship team can be contacted at