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Feedback, especially from our peers and students, is very important for us, not just to reaffirm our faith in what we do but also to learn and build upon what is right and improve upon whatever we need to. The kind words spoken by those around us are truly motivating and rewarding. Here is what some of our distinguished peers have to say about us.

I first heard about this organization when I was asked by one of its members to do a Mental Health Mastery series for them. It was heart- touching to know that a non-political organization is focused on making our youth more scientific-minded and holding their hands to help them get into top educational institutions in the world. I had to say Yes to them because I was hugely moved by the fact that this organization, which is focused on building the academic power of youth, also wants the best for their mental health. The Mastery series received fantastic feedback, and I am inclined to do more sessions shortly with them. I have been in touch with many members of the JK Scientists team since then, and they are all phenomenal.

I learned about JK Scientists from social media and have been following them for some time now. What interested me most was their efforts to direct young minds in the positive direction of reason, science, and opportunities. I am surprised and glad at the same time about how they have turned a virtual platform into a safe and enriching space, enabling young minds back home in Kashmir to build their skills and confidence to thrive and fulfill their dreams. I was privileged to host a webinar for the JK Scientists as part of the series on health called "Talk to a Doc," where we talked about suicide prevention. I would like to thank and congratulate the team at JK Scientists for their valuable role in contributing positively to the community's needs. I am glad to be part of the JKS family and look forward to further involvement in the future.

JK Scientists is an excellent endeavor to connect aspiring researchers and scholars with intellectuals and professionals and provide them with a wealth of information to access courses across the globe and explore opportunities for career progression and professional development apart from organizing extremely good sessions on health awareness, and physical and mental health conditions. Their mentorship programs and networking groups have helped many students, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. I have personally been part of the mental health series, which creates awareness of dealing with uncertainty and anxieties relating to Covid-19. JK Scientists are visionary, and their contribution to science and education has been commendable. Wishing the entire team of JK Scientists the very best for the future. Keep up the good work!

Improving the academic standards of students from the region by mentoring them, enhancing their skills, and supporting them financially are a few of the activities that JKScientists has carried out for the last many years with immense hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I congratulate the entire team of JKScientists and wish they achieve higher milestones in their genuine cause of service to people.

I have known JKScientists and their work for the last six years. As the team is led by a bunch of youths, the working spirit is also very high. They have been doing amazing work for the cause of empowering the students of Jammu and Kashmir. The team of JKScientists is an extremely committed and passionate group. I am sure that the students and academicians in the valley and elsewhere are happy with JKScientists initiatives. I am glad to associate with the organization in all its activities

I have been following the activities of JKScientists for a few years. They have been doing amazing work to empower the student community back home. They are an extremely committed and passionate group. I am sure; they make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable sections of society. I am particularly impressed with their diverse activities & projects, particularly the Talk to Doc Series and other outreach programs. They deserve support and encouragement from the world of philanthropy. I am happy to see that they are spending their donations for the right purpose.