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Syed Abrar Hussain Quadri comes from Aishmuqam, District Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir and did his B.Sc. from Govt Degree College Boys, Anantnag and M.Sc. from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Kashmir. Syed Abrar is pursuing his Ph.D. from the School of Life Science, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Abrar is working in the laboratory for investigative nephrology. Our laboratory’s extensive research programs investigate the biology of glomerular cells in health and clinical conditions such as diabetes and obesity research areas. He is trying to understand and investigate the structural insights of the slit diaphragm protein CD2AP and its partners PODOCIN and NEPHRIN and how these proteins interact and form the macromolecular complex called the Slit diaphragm (SD). This (SD) plays a crucial role in the filtration of blood and the formation of urine. Abrar was mentored by JKScientists and he is now giving back to the society by volunteering for the mentorship programs.