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Dr. Jameel Khan hails from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Jameel did his Masters from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. During his masters, he has developed a unique mathematical model for breeders called ‘micronutrient productivity’ to balance between quality and quantity. Jameel went on to pursue his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. He has contributed to the novel design of the root phenomics platform at ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress, Pune. Jameel is currently working as Program Manager for Agritech Innovations and Entrepreneurship at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bangalore. His work focussed on identifying disruptive start-ups to digitize agriculture. He has extended his expertise in mentoring start-ups that have received series A and follow-up fundings. He has been handling entrepreneurship both at state and national levels. He has been instrumental in initiating international projects. Launching new programs along with planning and administering existing programs are some other portfolios of my job. His innovative inclinations made him identify gaps in Indian agriculture. He worked with the Govt. of Karnataka for identifying and articulating the problems in agriculture. These problems are now launched as Agriculture Grand Challenges. Innovation was part of his journey during his research life.

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