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Anha Bhat comes from Srinagar’s Haft Chinar area which is famous for its 7 massive Chinars. Anha graduated with a B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Biotechnology with majors in Genetic Engineering. The degree allowed her to spend considerable time with reactor designing and unit operations at VMU-Chennai. She went on to study Nanomedicine and earned a Master of Science degree in it. A linear dependence of nanomedicine on sensors for diagnostics ignited an old flame with machines yet again and motivated her to pursue a Master’s in Engineering in Nanoengineering with a specialization in semiconductor devices at University Autonoma Barcelona. Currently, Anha is pursuing her Ph.D. degree at the Research School of Physics and Engineering at Australian National University. Anha works on device fabrication of quantum confined systems. She grows semiconductor material systems with techniques like MOCVD, includes variations in them permitted within the condensed matter physics boundaries, and makes them into industry-oriented devices like Quantum Well Nanowire photodetectors and lasers. The device engineering labs at Intel, IBM, and JPL-NASA are the major beneficiaries of this research which explains my interest in tech- entrepreneurship.

In her leisure, Anha likes to read, play tennis, hike, and occasionally skydive! She strongly believes that the knowledge economy is one of the best contributions one can afford for nation-building which explains it as my passion and long association with JKScientists.

Dr. Anha can be reached at